“A bruised reed He will not break” Oh but a bruised reed will bend And when the waters rush and the earth gives way  Lord let your mercy move and mend Move like water in shallow shores Where the current ebbs and flows May the woundedness and desperate need Be mended in this reed I know My knees they bend My heart does break I know that only You can save! Oh Jesus send Merciful waves A bruised reed YouRead more

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes I’m amazed at how  quickly the days fly on by….especially when I’m on break. It’s been so good to catch up on some things and not feel like the days are so packed, and I’ve been really thankful for that. But today, well, I woke up feeling like I just hadn’t accomplished quite as much as I should have and was concerned because the break is just about over for me. Sometimes no matter how much I check offRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “The Hue that is You”

Broken Pieces…my favorite mug, some plates, a vase that broke. I saved the broken pieces of these favorite items and thought maybe one day, just maybe, I’d make something out of them. Well that one day came. My sister and I took a hammer to the broken pottery, used ceramic mortar and made a beautiful outdoor table. (I might add that I am a bit embarrassed to say that we both enjoyed smashing the remains of the pottery with theRead more