A request to readers…


I have a request. That ‘kid’ in the above photo?  He’s our Austin, our third son who so desires to positively impact his world.  He has a long list of achievements including currently being a Fulbright scholar.   But here’s the thing.  Achievements aside, he’s got heart like crazy, and he’s worked on a project for three years and it’s finally, finally…..out!  He’s written a book called The American Workday  and it documents interviews of 38 American Workers. I love how the stories of each one inspire and provide insight not just into how an occupation shapes a person’s life, but how a person’s life so impacts the world through the occupation.

Anyway, my request is this. In an attempt to advertise the book, he’s signed up for something called ThunderClap.  Would you consider signing up to have the availability of the book posted on your Facebook or Twitter account?  All you have to do is sign up, and then on January 31st, it will post the information on your page.

Here’s the link:

ThunderClap ~ The American Workday

Thanks for considering sharing in order to help him get the word out! It’s even on Amazon if you’d like to check it out!

Blessings ~


9 responses to A request to readers…

  1. soletusknow says:

    Thanks so much for all of the shares,likes,encouragement, and registrations for Thunderclap We all appreciate each one so much!


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