Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “The Hue that is You”

Blue Mosaic Table

Broken Pieces…my favorite mug, some plates, a vase that broke. I saved the broken pieces of these favorite items and thought maybe one day, just maybe, I’d make something out of them.

Well that one day came. My sister and I took a hammer to the broken pottery, used ceramic mortar and made a beautiful outdoor table. (I might add that I am a bit embarrassed to say that we both enjoyed smashing the remains of the pottery with the hammer as much as we enjoyed placing them in a design in the mortar!) I love the way each broken piece is a reminder of a favorite thing.

This outdoor table is such a picture of me. I love the blues and whites with a touch of yellow, and each piece is such a reminder of what was once a piece in my kitchen. I want to believe that just like there are so many fragmented, unpolished parts of my present and past, God can take them, and make them into something beautiful when I just bring them to him. He’s the mortar in the mosaic, the beauty that brings all the fragmented pieces together to make a work of art. The process isn’t always pretty, but the value is in the Creator and His work and Design.

At a time when I’m aware of a lot of “broken pieces” in my life, it’s so very comforting to take stock in the truth that, in time, He makes all things beautiful. As I bring all of these ‘broken pieces’ to Him at the altar I am trusting Him to make all things new. The wayward child, the financial stresses, the professional demands, the unspoken prayers, the ache that comes with loss and love…these are some of the broken pieces I bring. I am bringing them to Him, praying through, and believing, trusting, putting my confidence in the truth that He makes all things new.

And like the beautiful Artisan and Creator that He is, I believe that He can take them and in time, make all things new. It is but my responsibility to continually bring it to Him, it is His to transform, renew, and make all things new. “All things new.” Love that. Nothing is beyond His redemption. In this world of broken pieces, that is a beautiful picture of Hope.


“Behold, I am making all things new.” And He *said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” Revelation 21:5 NASB


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