…a few thoughts on wisteria…

As I stepped out of the car this morning to deliver something, I knew it was there even though I couldn’t see it. The scent was so strong and I knew I’d see it. I turned around, and there it was—Wisteria blooms swaying in the breeze. I knew I’d be seeing these beautiful blooms soon. On Friday, I saw the hint of purple in wisteria vines by the school where I work. There were also traces of the light purpleRead more

Wordless Wednesday

I saw it when I drove to work. I saw it in the backyard when I made a visit to a student’s home. I saw it when I drove past a vacant parking lot in a not so great part of town. And one day, when I was leaving school in a rush and didn’t find the time to look up, well, the aroma was so strong that I couldn’t help but notice it. Yep. Wisteria is blooming all overRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Change”

When Wisteria Blooms On the outskirts of Boiling Springs, NC, there is a place that is transformed from an ordinary clump of trees to a sea of lavender plumes. Every Spring it happens during a small window of time when wisteria blooms. Around mid-April, gray trunks and branches are decorated with wisps of wisteria that sway with the wind. The fragrance is strong and sweet and is often carried through the town on gentle breezes. The beauty of the lavenderRead more