…a few thoughts on wisteria…

As I stepped out of the car this morning to deliver something, I knew it was there even though I couldn’t see it. The scent was so strong and I knew I’d see it. I turned around, and there it was—Wisteria blooms swaying in the breeze.IMG_7105

I knew I’d be seeing these beautiful blooms soon. On Friday, I saw the hint of purple in wisteria vines by the school where I work. There were also traces of the light purple on the back road home.  So I knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw blooms all around.


I’ve lived in North Carolina most of my adult life, so this is something I look forward to every Spring. The blooms, the incredibly sweet fragrance of the wisteria vines are something I don’t take for granted.


You see, they don’t last long at all. As quickly and quietly as they appear, they fade and disappear in a short time.  If you miss seeing the wisteria bloom, well,  you have to wait a whole other year.


By this time next week, there probably won’t be much left of the beautiful blooms cascading over trees. Next week, the vines will blend in with the trees, and pretty soon, we might even forget the blooms were even there.

So, I want to breathe in the fragrant scent of the wisteria while it’s still here.

I want to stop and look and take in the delicate beauty of the landscape draped with wisteria. I want to have gratitude and appreciate it while it’s here. IMG_7143

Because, it’s not just about the wisteria. Nope. Seasons of life come and pass so quickly—sometimes they come and before we really immerse ourselves into the appreciation of what is, the season is gone.

I know this COVID-19 season is hard. It’s terrifying on many levels, gripping, and challenging. I wish that it would  pass as quickly as wisteria.

But my challenge to myself is to look for the flip side of it all– to appreciate the unplanned opportunities that arise. I want to immerse myself and be all there for those in the same way that I made sure to breathe in that wisteria, take photos, and appreciate the beauty of it all.

I had my own ‘wisteria’ of sorts in our home today. Seeing that wisteria outside this morning  reminded me to breathe the moments with family in, laugh, enjoy, appreciate, and immerse myself in those moments.


Because I’m so aware that just like wisteria quickly fades, well, we have today. None of us are sure what the future holds. I’m thinking we’ve kind of been reminded of that lately.


So here’s a sweet reminder to you and to me  to remember the wisteria. Remember that those in our lives are gifts and not a given. I love the verse that says, “teach us to number our days that we  might gain a heart of wisdom.”  Kind of cool how merely realizing that we aren’t going to live forever can help us be more wise, that merely knowing we are finite can help us appreciate what’s not.

By His Grace ~


“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

 Psalm 90:12

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