Wordless Wednesday


I saw it when I drove to work. I saw it in the backyard when I made a visit to a student’s home. I saw it when I drove past a vacant parking lot in a not so great part of town. And one day, when I was leaving school in a rush and didn’t find the time to look up, well, the aroma was so strong that I couldn’t help but notice it. Yep. Wisteria is blooming all over the our little town right now.


It’s beautiful. Delicate…in looks. But don’t let it fool you. It can take over whole sections of woods. Beautiful and undiscriminating—it blooms in all sorts of places–opulent and destitute. It blooms and offers its fragrance to whoever stops to appreciate it.DSCN4018DSCN4017

And as quickly as these blooms come, they go. They are here just for a very short season, but they definitely make their presence known in a big way.


I love what wisteria reminds me of. Bloom big. Make your presence known by adding beauty to a space. That beauty can come quietly and leave quietly. And often times it will. That’s why we’ve gotta be aware of things and enjoy them while they are here…


Because as quickly as wisteria comes…it leaves…..


Until….next Spring, when we’ll get a chance to see it pop up once more.


“Wherever you are, be all there.” ~ Jim Elliot

Wordless Wednesday

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