Ten Days, (part three)

So, part 2 of this little excursion ended with Day 5. Actually, Day 6.  Turns out there was a day I forgot to include and if it had been more ordinary, well, I would’ve just kept pressing on and not backtrack.   But, sorry,  I just can’t skip it because we went to the most amazing place!  Absolutely amazing.  We went to Milles Garden. Carl Milles was a sculptor born in 1875.  His home has been turned into a museumRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Travels

a short trip through my son’s eyes I recently went on a 4 hour trip with my 14 year old son. I gave him the camera and said “Have at it!” He obliged. We ended up with lots of pictures of cool trucks, clouds, trees, and rivers. He even took a few of me at the steering wheel. His favorite was the lizard truck. Mine too. But I love the way the horizon shows up in the on the frontRead more