Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Travels

a short trip through my son’s eyes

Lizard Truck

I recently went on a 4 hour trip with my 14 year old son. I gave him the camera and said “Have at it!” He obliged. We ended up with lots of pictures of cool trucks, clouds, trees, and rivers. He even took a few of me at the steering wheel. His favorite was the lizard truck. Mine too. But I love the way the horizon shows up in the on the front of the car in the above shot.

Lizard Truck Horizon

I love to see things through other people’s eyes. That’s the beauty of photography. It was so fun to see things through my son’s eyes.

blue skies ahead

How many thousands and thousands of trips has he been in the car with me at the wheel? He was always my ‘right hand man’ when his brothers and sister were in school, and he’s the only one that still doesn’t have his driver’s license. He’s sat in the passenger seat, or booster seat, or car seat his whole life and seen things from a whole different angle!


I love this shot because this photo could’ve been taken anywhere. No matter where we travel, some things stay the same. No matter our perspective, location, position, circumstance, there’s a wide open sky above, and a sun that shines through the clouds. Tanner took this photo through the skylight of our car. Love it.


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