Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Future”

Winter Wind

I believe there is Hope
to be found in desperate places
I believe there is God
who is there when we see no trace of Him
I believe there is peace
That is truly beyond Comprehension
I believe there is God
I believe

I believe there is Light
That can shine in the darkest hour
I believe there is grace
That has all-transforming Power
I believe there is hope
That will certainly not disappoint us
I believe there is God
I believe

I believe there is Truth
That can break free the chains that bind us
I believe there is love
That can tear down the walls that divide us
I believe there is joy
in the journey as God refines us
I believe there is God
I believe
There is God

There is Hope

I believe

HHH copyright 2004

Phew. It’s been a day. And I’m not certain of tomorrow. At all. But do you know what? I hope. I believe. Not in me. In the Lord. Period.

Like I said, it’s been a day, a crossroads of sorts and I’m still not certain in terms of how some things have turned out. So my mind is at a crossroads and I’m making that mental decision to despair or to hope. (Do you know we actually have a choice?) So when I logged into WordPress and saw the prompt was “Future”, I just kind of laughed to myself, and the first word that I thought was “Hope”. Am focusing on that in the midst of the crossroads and uncertainty.

It’s just an uncertain world that we live in. These are uncertain times. You can be coasting along and “BOOM!”, out of the blue, you are rocked to the core. The future looks bleak. Do you give up, give in, turn back, or press on, press through, push forward? Tenacious Hope. I think I’m going to focus on that phrase.

When my husband was coaching football, he used to tell the players, “Pump your feet! Just keep moving your feet!” He was convinced that staying lower to the ground and pumping those feet made all the difference in players that moved forward. If you keep moving your feet, you have to keep working.You focus on the forward and the movement, not the being pushed back. And the staying lower to the ground part? Well, gravity can bring us to our knees period. When life gets you down, am thinking being on the knees is a good time to pray. (Of course, any time is a good time to pray, but it seems that we definitely know our need when gravity hits! We know the need, that we can’t control everything, and we run to the One who can.)

So here’s the thing. I’m moving my feet, and I won’t give up. But life gets so crazy, doesn’t it? It’s just full of challenges. And they seem to come in waves. Today feels like a big wave and I’m feeling like I need to encourage others around me to keep moving their feet, not give up, inches matter. I need to encourage myself, and think on what is true.

There have been many times in life like this. One such time, years ago, I wrote the lyrics to this song, “I Believe”. I’ve sung it many, many times solo, but I love to sing it best with my dear trio friends Janet and Cheryl. Singing together, saying the same truths, focusing on the same words, but each with our own voice, our own part, seems to give strength and …Hope. (That’s a picture of how “2 or 3 ” coming together to pray makes such a difference. We need each other.)

I believe. But sometimes, I just need to pull up my bootstraps and continue to hope and ‘keep moving my feet’ even when I feel like just sitting down a good long while. Am feeling that way, but here’s another song written so many years ago. I think I need to sing this one too…

“Faith sees, Faith hopes, Faith believes, Faith Copes,

Hope Lives, Hope remains, Hope forgives, Hope refrains from running away

Love gives, Love waits, Love IS, Love prays with faith..

and Faith sees,…. ” (can repeat all 3 again and again)

I don’t know what you’re going through. Life may be pretty awesome right now, or pretty tough, but I just want to encourage you, to keep pressing on, keep moving your feet, keep using your gifts and abilities to impact your world. Pray through and ask God to make the crooked path straight and keep your eyes focused on the grace in your life. Keep pressing on and know that there’s hope. It’s not a magic thing we drum up in our minds, it’s a reality in the presence of God, and in the principles He’s designed. There’s hope in Him.It’s all through the scriptures, lived out in the lives of those in the Old and New Testament, and lived out in the world today. So, the future? Uncertain yes, for sure. (Never a dull moment!) But full of hope. In Him. Period. Am choosing Hope. Period.

P.S. Keep moving your feet.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


2 responses to Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Future”

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for this. My word is hope for this year, and it blessed me so much to see this post. I have been keeping a journal of every time ‘hope’ shows up. The song you wrote is beautiful! Wish I could hear it! I pray that you find strength and hope for whatever you are going through now. Love your motto – keep moving your feet. It’s all we can do sometimes – and it’s enough. He’ll do the rest. Sending you love and prayers, friend. And hope. xo


    • soletusknow says:

      Thanks so much Kate! I bet your journal is going to be such a treasure. Seems like we often find what we look for. Here’s to moving our feet and being hopeful! Reading your words really encouraged me…thanks.


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