a daily harvest

  “Stepping back and harvesting the gifts of the day. Reflecting on its fruits, giving thanks.  Knowing the difference between holding and grasping, needing and wanting, brings peace.” ~ Sister Stan I love this quote by Sister Stan. It’s so good to step back a bit and reflect  at the end of the day. It almost feels like a big exhale– an  often quite necessary letting down. And then, then after the exhale, well, there’s more room and space forRead more


Enough.  ENOUGH.  That’s a  word we as moms often say to our children when they (or we!) have reached a limit.  “That’s enough ice cream.”  “That’s enough TV.”  Or, the dreaded “THAT’S ENOUGH!!” when the behaviors have hit a point that mom will no longer tolerate.  We moms say, “That’s enough” quite a number of times through our children’s years. It’s a phrase that is passed down from mom generation to mom generation. We intrinsically know that we need to sayRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Object

The earring that was lost, was found today… Not just any day.  A day when I need encouragement. …Not just any earring.  It was one that I had made for a friend of mine. …Not just any friend.  It was a friend who is courageously facing an invasive cancer and being brave and compassionate and tenacious through it all. Found it after a day of battling some fears.  I think listening to her facing funeral plans, while still hoping andRead more