a few thoughts on ‘fessing up’…

‘Fessing up means to admit.  It is a confessing of wrongs done, an admission of actions taken, words spoken, etc.  It means letting down, a humble acceptance of a guilty plea, an owning up to truth, admitting wrongs done, or an ‘admission’ of wrongs committed. But here’s the thing. ‘Admission’ also means being allowed to enter. When we’re granted admission to something, we usually need a ticket right? We need a key, a sign that says we’ve paid what weRead more

…like water…

I don’t usually repost things I’ve written, but last night and today have been thinking on this poem so much….and the concept….that sometimes answered prayer comes as gentle rain and sometimes it comes as a violent storm.  I’m aware of so many praying for loved ones, and just wanted to share this with hopes to encourage some of you all to not fear the “storms”…because sometimes that’s exactly what it takes for change…the very change we’re praying for might just inRead more


So this past week, I was really convicted about something. And that word “convicted” stuck out to me.  I mean in the Christian realm we can use that word quite a bit. We say that we are convicted of this or convicted of that. Oftentimes it might be the ‘little things’ like eating too much or wasting time or saying things before praying through. And I thought about how so often when we (I) say we are convicted of something,Read more

…like water…

I wish that a gently falling rain Could quietly wash away your pain And leave a newness and relief A renewal, deep sense of peace Wish that as water rinses clean You’d just be washed and yes, redeemed Wish that a gently falling rain Was merely all that it would take But how this pain seeps deep within And takes root, this hold, this sin It lingers, grows, and goes beyond The surface, and takes hold, a  hold so strongRead more


Agitated. That’s the word. Agitated. The way you feel when you’re being tossled around from one thing to the next and you want to come up for air and have a breather, but you just get bumped again. Yep. Agitated. The word that describes how it feels to to get bumped and to either not be able to do anything about it or to choose to remain quiet and appear to not respond to the agitation because you know it’sRead more