Irish Blessings

She loved St. Patrick’s Day.  Over the years, I would receive sweet treasures around mid-March…bundled packages she’d send via UPS. One year, it was shamrock napkins and “Irish potatoes” …not real potatoes, but the coconut-covered-in-cinnamon Irish treat. Another year, the package contained General Foods International Coffee…Irish Creme flavor of course. That was my favorite at the time. She knew that because for a year and a half I went to college outside of Philadelphia and was about an hour fromRead more

a few thoughts on obedience, sacrifice, and grace

Gifts.  Amazing how God can take what we bring and multiply it.  Totally.  We give and we realize that we can absolutely positively never out give God.  Never.  Each breath, each person, relationship, is all of grace.  ALL.  He is my ALL in all.  What I bring to Him as an offering?  What I give to others in His Name?  I’m starting to believe that it’s more a gift to us as we follow His prompting. I came to faceRead more