a few thoughts on obedience, sacrifice, and grace

christmas card

Gifts.  Amazing how God can take what we bring and multiply it.  Totally.  We give and we realize that we can absolutely positively never out give God.  Never.  Each breath, each person, relationship, is all of grace.  ALL.  He is my ALL in all.  What I bring to Him as an offering?  What I give to others in His Name?  I’m starting to believe that it’s more a gift to us as we follow His prompting. I came to face with that truth this week.  Because when we give, we receive.  So often more than we give.  He multiplies and blesses.

Obedience is not a rigid compulsion, or merely a response to His prompting, but an honor to be part of what God chooses to do.  Sacrifice?  It sure changes in the light of all He has done for us. Obedience and sacrifice pale when we realize the extravagance of all that God has done for us and all that He would lavish on us if we would but have the eyes to see, the empty hands to receive.  Sometimes circumstances that we would never choose which empty our hands and open our eyes are the greatest gifts ever, for then we get our eyes off of our stuff, ourselves, and have almost no choice but to see His grace meeting needs right then.  Right there.

And to whoever gave me the above card?  Thank you so much.  Because you helped me see, feel, believe that God is not only for us.  But He goes before us.  He so does. (I could write page after page of my thoughts on my day Friday…and actually wrote a very long blog post, but this is the abridged version… )  My response was deep gratitude to whoever you are, and to worship God who knows our needs on every level more than we do.  His timing is Perfect. He knows the path that we should take. Praying for you that God would take the obedience and sacrifice and multiply the blessings for you and  yours…

A Wonderful Christmas to you all!  Emmanuel…God is WITH us!

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