a good trade

I got a new kitchen trash can a few months ago. It was a gift. A Mother’s Day gift, no less. But it’s not just any trash can. Nope. This one is brushed aluminum, sealed, sleek, and actually beautiful. I mean, it even comes with a warranty! I’ve surely never had a trash can that needed a warranty. That isn’t all, mind you. I even got a huge box of trash bags along with it. Not just the ordinary bags.Nope—theseRead more

a few thoughts on trees…

I  love the quote that says “The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.” ~ Anonymous I’m trying to be like the tree. I am. With stuff…. With situations…. With people I love. Gotta be like the tree and not hold on when it’s time to let go. My problem is, I can be more like the pin oak than the Gingko Tree. The pin oak holds it’s leaves till just before Spring.Read more

like tea

So, I received this little gift wrapped in a daisy ribbon a few months back. Opened it up and am so enjoying it tonight. I’m thankful for little gifts that serve as reminders of huge gifts of the people in my life. Choosing to be thankful for time together rather than to bemoan time apart. Thankful for the quiet after a long day of …not.  Thankful for the reminder to be still and know that God is in control andRead more