…a few thoughts on remembering…

So, I’ve seen lots of posts lately saying that for teachers, it feels like May has like 100 days. Well, I thought that was a cute statement around mid-May, but now, I think it’s quite accurate. We finished up round two of testing today, and I’m so thankful we’re on the homestretch, but I tell ya, this teacher is T—I–R–E–D. Big time. That fatigue comes out in little ways. Like I have forgotten my phone a couple times as I’veRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Future”

I believe there is Hope to be found in desperate places I believe there is God who is there when we see no trace of Him I believe there is peace That is truly beyond Comprehension I believe there is God I believe I believe there is Light That can shine in the darkest hour I believe there is grace That has all-transforming Power I believe there is hope That will certainly not disappoint us I believe there is GodRead more

Daily Prompt ~ “Dreams”

They have lived a life with so many dreams realized. But some of their dreams will never come to life. So it is with life. Her prayer as she faced leaving this world was that she would ‘finish well’. Even as she faced her cancer head on, she did just that, and impacted and inspired so many people along the way. He no longer has her by his side. But he continues to look forward as he holds on toRead more


… I know he feels like he’s stuck. And honestly, he is. There are No apparent options, only consequences of his actions, his choices. And the walls feel like they are closing in on him. And the mire of his existence seems to be getting deeper, and thicker like mud that is slowly hardening to cement. And then, he will be stuck forever. That is the fear that is fast becoming the reality. I am on the outside looking in,Read more