Thankful Thursday

purple flowers

Today…am thankful for…

…rain that comes in gently and leaves quietly, but leaves a trail of refreshment and rejuvenation.

I’m thankful for the way the rain revitalized the purple flowers that have bloomed all summer, but seemed a bit tired and in need of a lift…much like the one writing this blog.

I’m thankful for …

…the ability to walk in a store, buy the oil that my car needs, pay for it, drive away with it, and then ‘feed’ it to the car that has clearly let me know with red lights that it’s time for oil.  I’m  so thankful that after putting the oil in, the caution lights on the dash quietly disappeared.   Phew.  Relief.

I’m thankful for…

…the ability to work, and then the gift to be able to have time to rest at home, and then after a little rest, to “work” at home and do some of the little things that make a big difference in the days of those I love.

…quesadillas that are not only delicious, but also the fastest dinner to prepare ever.

…stories of people I meet every day, and the desire to hear them.

…pictures from the other side of the world that are worth a thousand words and bring so much joy and peace.

…an awareness that paths are chosen, but often so very preordained.  Thankful for those who have the ears to hear the One who is leading, and the joy that they have when they can see the way He’s prepared for them all along.

…thankful for creative touches and the way they bring joy to all types…girls in apartments, young men in their workshops, and young men traveling on trains overseas…creative outlets are gifts to be used and shared.  I’m thankful for the joy that happens when art is shared.

…for hugs from little ornery kindergarteners who are trying so hard to stay in line, but just can’t make their little bodies be still, and for the way their little faces light up when they see a smile smiling straight at them.

…for rescued baby squirrels and the lesson the kindergarteners (the same ones TRYing to stand still in line outside while waiting for the bus…) learned as they saw a mama squirrel rush down the tree and rescue the baby squirrel that fell.  I’m so thankful for little lessons that say that life matters.  It matters.  Those little five year olds “in line” knew the life of the baby squirrel matters.  They knew.  Life matters.

…thankful for a son that went to church yesterday and couldn’t wait to go to Young Life tonight.  Praying for open ears and hearts and for God to use these moments to help direct the paths of the youth who show up.  Praying that there’s unity and inclusion and hope for all there…that none feel like that little squirrel abandoned on the sidewalk.  And if any do feel that way? That there’d be someone who comes to rush in and rescue and love well.  LIfe matters. Every life. And how we treat each other matters.  It so matters.

…thankful for conviction and the desire to respond.  For lessons learned and grace that covers and makes me want to do better.

…thankful for the Word of God and how it convicts of sin and covers with grace all in one fair swoop….the key is eyes to see, a heart to confess, and an awareness of the incredible price that was paid.

…I’m thankful that God often comes like that gentle rain that came and left so quietly today. It didn’t leave without a trace, and God doesn’t either.  Thankful for refreshment that comes as I seek His Presence.  Thankful for the traces He leaves behind and the rejuvenation that He calls us to. Like a flower after a gentle rain, He refreshes and renews.

…thankful for “Thankful Thursdays” because it makes me think about the day and all of the amazing little moments in a day that are nothing but pure gifts.

Blessings ~

4 responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. kmkphoto1 says:

    Thankful for you and your gift of verse, your gift of music, a heart that is tender when things are rough, for that smile that brightened any room you are in…. I’m thankful for your perseverance and the Godly example you have been…. I’m thankful to know a woman of such grace!!
    I’m thankful that you are thankful!!
    I’m thankful that you bring a validity to my thankful list….
    Thank you, Heather, for being thankful!


    • soletusknow says:

      Well, Karen I think I’m just going to copy and save this and read it on those days when I need a dose of encouragement! Thanks so much, Karen. I just love you and am so thankful for our friendship and the genuine nature of our communication that cuts through the fluff. What a gift it’s been through the years ❤


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