a few thoughts on details…

  After a very full few weeks, I gladly found my way back to the river on Sunday. Austin is home from NYC, and he and I both had lots to do for the coming week, so after walking a bit, found a space with a picnic table to get to work. He found solitude by the river’s edge. I stayed at the picnic table. I kept hoping he was being more productive than yours truly. I started to workRead more

Thankful Thursday

So, this  week, I’m thankful for….dirt. Dirt? Yep. Dirt. Good things grow in…dirt. Little things… Big things… and things that aren’t things … …like kids. Am thinking kids grow in dirt. and sometimes the more vested they are, the more dirt they get to wear. You’ve gotta get off the sidelines to get dirty.   And why am I thinking of dirt this week? Well, because it made more than one mom cry last Thursday night. Last Thursday night wasRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Vivid”

Well, this week’s weekly photo challenge sure is timely.  “Vivid”is the word.  It is timely because this little guy is graduating from high school today.  But what is vivid in my mind? This image of him starting kindergarten literally feels like it was taken yesterday.  I can remember the missing tooth, the USA baseball shirt, the backpack and the flowers blooming on the front porch.  Yesterday.  Time goes so fast when you’re looking back. But at this stage for him….whenRead more

Thankful Thursday

So this photo made me cry.  It just did.  Not because of the beauty of the sunset.  Not because of the sihouette of the crowd watching yet another home high school baseball game. (And not because I was sad to be at the game!) I had taken the photo at a home baseball game and it wasn’t at all emotional for me when I took it.  I just thought the sunset was beautiful. But when I looked at it tonight,Read more