plain and simple

I went for a walk on the beach this morning. Got to see that glorious sun come up. Plain and simple. There were no whistles or bells. No stage, no one telling that sun how to optimize the experience. It slowly peeked above the horizon as the wind and waves did their thing. But it changed the whole appearance of the waves and warmed the wind and just seeing it break through the darkness always does something for me forRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – “Awestruck”

The first grade student comes into my room. “Can you read this to me?” he asks. My heart just melted as I saw this little guy’s attempt to write a book. He looks up at me with these big eyes. Oh boy. It’s not quite decipherable…after all, this boy struggles with reading and here is his attempt to write a book…in cursive. Yikes. I made a big deal of his attempt and took a picture and asked him to shareRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Temptation

Even when I was little I loved sweets. Exhibit A is this old photo. Yes, prim and proper in my plaid dress, but can’t wait to enjoy the candy from the crystal candy dish. Fast forward quite a few years, and the love for sweets is still there, but not always demonstrated in a way that is so prim and proper. Case in point: I ate half a bag of chocolate chips the other day. Semisweet. Yep. And the dayRead more

A Gift and Not A Given

Seems like the harvest of wheat comes so soon after it is planted. The green of Spring turns so quickly to the gold of late Summer and early Autumn. And it seems like my eighteen year old daughter has sprouted overnight. What is it with time? Can’t grasp it and hold it in my hands. Can’t slow it down. Can’t keep it from changing the world around me. But, I can savor the moments. And as a mom whose childrenRead more