A Gift and Not A Given

Seems like the harvest of wheat comes so soon after it is planted. The green of Spring turns so quickly to the gold of late Summer and early Autumn. And it seems like my eighteen year old daughter has sprouted overnight.

What is it with time? Can’t grasp it and hold it in my hands. Can’t slow it down. Can’t keep it from changing the world around me. But, I can savor the moments. And as a mom whose children are in their teens and early twenties, I can be sure to love well while they are here, encourage growth and independence, and help them know that they have a place to come home to. Always, they have a welcome place, no matter the struggle or defeat. No matter the changes or the time passed, they have a place of knowing they are loved for who they are.

Somehow, realizing how fast time passes and the brevity of life can make it easier to appreciate the little things in life, and the wonderful things about those around us. Somehow, the awareness that people come in and out of our lives helps me to see them as a gift. It can be easy to take loved ones for granted thinking that some things in life won’t change. But time changes things and people. We’ve had a few close calls in my home this year with car accidents and serious illness, and it’s really shaken me in a good way. Our friends and loved ones are a gift and not a given, and that makes all of the difference.

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