2011-04-22 06.25.13

Even when I was little I loved sweets. Exhibit A is this old photo. Yes, prim and proper in my plaid dress, but can’t wait to enjoy the candy from the crystal candy dish. Fast forward quite a few years, and the love for sweets is still there, but not always demonstrated in a way that is so prim and proper.

Case in point: I ate half a bag of chocolate chips the other day. Semisweet. Yep. And the day after, I cut two creme filled donuts and ate the center part and threw the rest of the donuts away. I had no remorse whatsoever and was secretly daring one of my kids to come in the kitchen, catch me in the act and ask me what in the world I was doing. Not good. Can ya tell it’s been kind of a stressful week?

I think my overloaded brain was about to short circuit from the stress and needed an infusion of something positive. I needed something positive to counterbalance the nonsense. And chocolate worked. Some days, most days, I might feel remorseful and ashamed of eating half a bag of chocolate chips (in one sitting, by the way). But not today. Nope. I’m giving myself a little grace. And not adding to the crazy stress of what I have or haven’t done right.

God knows the minutiae of my days. He knows the moment by moment play by play of all that’s been required in the past few weeks. If He were here in the flesh, I don’t think He would’ve encouraged me to eat the whole bag of chocolate chips or anything, but I do think that He may have offered me a chocolate bar! Yes, He is my all in all, and the answer to every question I have can be found in Him. But sometimes, it may not be a deep spiritual truth. It might just be a half hour nap. Or a cup of coffee. Or a chocolate bar.