…a few thoughts on readiness…

Readiness.  Ready – ness.  the state of being fully prepared for something ; willingness to do something. I use a direct instruction reading program at school on a daily basis. I use it at least three times a day. In every single lesson, the prompt, “Get ready” is used multiple times. Ten or twenty or more, depending on whether the students are getting it (the information) or not. Yep, if they’re not ready to get it, they need to “Get ready”Read more

Thankful Thursday

Today…I’m thankful for… …hugs and tears and sweet see-ya-later-love-you-so-much good byes to my not-so-little birds who are leaving the nest. …suitcases that miraculously stretch and items that fit together like a puzzle when there is absolutely  no way that all of these things could fit in that space. …sons and daughters who have personality through the roof but who will drive for hours to give one last hug, and make an effort to bowl one last game with their littleRead more

Thankful Thursday

On this Thankful Thursday, my heart is so full.  We’ve had a full day…a last hurrah of sorts before the exodus of my children begins… Up early, turkey in the oven because even with this full day of family time white water rafting and kayaking and traveling, we have a surprise Christmas dinner (slash birthday dinner, slash Easter dinner, slash every holiday that my son will be missing in the next year as he is overseas and we are here…)Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Beneath Your Feet”

To climb is to hope To reach is to believe To step is to have faith To dream is to conceive For as a man thinks in his heart, so he believes And what a man pursues So often starts in dreams So dream the dream my daughter, and climb and hope and see But keep your feet planted firm In what you have received For firm is the foundation of faith for for those who turn To God for theirRead more

…a few thoughts on endings and beginnings…

It was another beautiful Carolina sunset last night.  I was in the car with four of my children traveling back home after we had spent a fun time with their grandparents.  As the summer winds down, I’m so aware that there are very few days left of the long anticipated break that we’ve so enjoyed.  It’s the first time that almost all of my kids have been together in our home in over 4 years, and it’s been really sweet.Read more