There’s a new song that caught my eye before it caught my ear. I  loved the visual first…and then the acoustics drew me in…but the lyrics? They won me over ❤  They are about remembering who God is.  “Oh my soul” needs to remember and be reminded so often….and little things like a good song can do that…



It’s a good thing to remember good things ❤
It’s a great thing to remember the great things God has done.
It’s an extraordinary thing to remember how Great and very present He is.
Even though God resides in the ordinary, it’s easy to forget how incredibly extraordinary it is that a God would love us so much..and calls us to relationship with Himself. Not just mere existence— or a simple passing through this life. No, He calls us to so much more, and wants us to remember not only what He has done, but to know who He is….and not just that….to know Him and be known by Him.
I love the lyrics to this new song  about remembering just that. It’s written by the Torwalts, Ben Fielding, and Benjamin Hastings.  Yeah, remembering is a good thing.
How quickly we forget the God who
lives in everyday
How easy to lose sight that
You reside in the mundane
How quickly we forget the power
That’s running through our veins
The kind of power that empties graves
And oh my soul
Remember who you’re talking to
The only One who death bows to
That’s the God who walks with you
And oh my soul
You know that if He did it then
He can do it all again
His power can still raise the dead
Don’t tell me that He’s finished yet….”

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