Periwinkle Sky

Lazy golden sun in a periwinkle sky Silhouette of trees On a gentle road that winds Breathing in the sights Breathing once again Thankful for the sights On this day’s end Never ceases to amaze me the wonder of it all The Creator of the sky Is the Creator of the small He Beckons with the sights He Beckons with the sounds Yes, creation speaks And His glory resounds Creation breathes and this thankful heart just pounds with praise forRead more

How Big and How Small

I love how big God is.I love how small. The One who created the vast mountain ranges and color palette of the world also created the intricately detailed Queen Anne’s Lace flower.  Both are visuals of His Majesty for sure. Both tell us something about how He is so Big…so beyond our comprehension, and so small…so involved in the very details, the minutiae of life. He hears the cries of nations, He hears the prayer of a child.  He isRead more