How Big and How Small

queen anne's lace2

I love how big God is.I love how small.

The One who created the vast mountain ranges and color palette of the world also created the intricately detailed Queen Anne’s Lace flower.  Both are visuals of His Majesty for sure. Both tell us something about how He is so Big…so beyond our comprehension, and so small…so involved in the very details, the minutiae of life. He hears the cries of nations, He hears the prayer of a child.  He is so big, and so small, so in and over it all, and I am so blown away by that, but so incredibly thankful.

Praying today that I have eyes to see and ears to hear and the heart to daily worship Him through the big picture things of life and in the minutiae.  He is so worthy of our praise. His Grand Masterpiece is everywhere that the eye can see, but it is the eyes of faith that appreciate it.  Praying that we have eyes to see and ears to hear His voice amidst all the clamor and confusion of a world that often seeks to deny His existence. But it so cannot be denied…for He IS.  Praying that just like the grandeur of the mountains and the beauty of His creations speaks of His existence, that His people would be a picture of God’s light in a world that is wanting to turn down the lights…and that the crazy controversies that are screaming so loudly in our world would not become the platforms that drown out the gospel, the good news that so needs to be heard.

Some things will never be ‘figured out’.  Never.  Talk about beyond comprehension.  But childlike faith sees and responds.  It sees the greatness, and responds with allegiance, worship, praise and appreciation for the little things and the big.  May the big and little things in our lives remind us of how good….and how big and how small…our God is.

Blessings ~


“For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being,” declares the LORD “But to this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word. ”  Isaiah 66:2

Photo taken in Boone, North Carolina

July 2015

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