So, the moss on these pilings was a vivid green, full of life.  The water that crashes in with the waves daily onto the pilings of the pier takes a toll.  The pilings aren’t clean and smooth and brownish-gray, they are weathered and alive with color.  Vibrant. The waves that crash in leave their mark on these weathered pilings and the marks tell a story.  The weathered look from the wind and waves and moss adds texture and beauty thatRead more

Thankful Thursday ~ Unexpected Blessings

Today, I’m thankful for unexpected blessings. I’m not sure why I’m so focused on this today because I’m thankful for a thousand things. But today? Today I’m thankful that life didn’t quite turn out like I had planned. Because of that, my family is a bit larger than what I had envisioned. With that larger family comes a few more loads of laundry to wash, mouths to feed, clothes to buy, bills to pay, and more people to love andRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Express Yourself’

I saw them coming and had the camera ready as they knocked on the door… ………….wait for it………………   Voila!!!  “Here, Mom!” Nothing like flowers from little ragamuffins to cheer up a day. Love how they learned how to ‘express themselves’ early in life. So thankful for moments like these! “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed isRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Humanity”

Little hands that use new skills Big hearts that ‘leave it all on the field’ strong hands that build their world little by little insightful eyes that see and appreciate the beauty minds that process the world around them and within them personalities that do their own thing Relationships that are there through it all Just a few thoughts and glimpses into the ‘humanity’ in my daily world more

angels and shepherds

Little bare feet walked the red carpeted aisle of our church. Angels and shepherds draped in tunics made from cloths which may or may not have come from their moms’ linen closets made their way to center stage of our church service where they shared the story of how an Extraordinary God came down to earth to some very ordinary people. Some little performers sang loudly for all to hear as they clapped enthusiastically to the music. Some courageous littleRead more

Sunday Stills Challenge ~ Favorite thing to photograph

What is my favorite thing to photograph? Moments in Time. I love to capture these moments with a lens so that they can be relived over and over and over again. See the look on Chase’s face? I want to remember him as that ornery 3 year old! That year for this little guy, was the year of “time out”…and I can look at the expression on his face and a wave of memories comes back for sure! We’ve laughedRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Childlike”

Walking hand in hand seems natural when you’re little. Maybe it’s because little ones realize their need for help. After all, everything must be learned in the early years, and there’s a dependency in just about every area of life. Maybe that’s why they are so free to offer a hand and give help. They see the need in other little ones, and it’s just a given that they may need a hand. Love that. There are some things thatRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Excitement

Take one 15 passenger van (aka “bus”!). Fill it with 6 young children ages 9 and under: five boys, and one girl.(Five are visible, and the 9 month old is strapped in a car seat joining into the excitement in his own way.) Dress them in their warmest mittens, coats and toboggans, and then tell them that you’re going to the mountains to not only pick a Christmas tree, but hopefully to see some SNOW! That’s one surefire recipe forRead more