Sunday Stills Challenge ~ Favorite thing to photograph


What is my favorite thing to photograph?

Moments in Time. I love to capture these moments with a lens so that they can be relived over and over and over again.

See the look on Chase’s face? I want to remember him as that ornery 3 year old! That year for this little guy, was the year of “time out”…and I can look at the expression on his face and a wave of memories comes back for sure! We’ve laughed about it and I’m so thankful to have visual proof for him! And the look on Hope’s face? She absolutely LOVED spending time with Mindy. It was precious to see her and this wonderful friend interact. And the flowers in Mindy’s hand? Yes, they were a gift to her from my kids…a gift I would have forgotten had they not been in this sweet photo.

So, moments. They are my favorite thing to photograph, because they can be so easily forgotten. I want my kids and family and friends to see and read and hear and REMEMBER these moments if they read this blog. These moments in time are precious and ordinary and worth being remembered. Life is so short, and our time with loved ones is so precious. Love that we can capture them in a photo to share for years and years to come.

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