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GRACE, like a blanket of snow

Comes in and quickly covers.

GRACE, like a blanket of snow

Paints the world a different color.

Grace, like  a Southern snow

makes things STOP, pause, breathe, not go

Sometimes we all just need to know

There’s grace that covers


GRACE, like a deep winter Snow

Allows there to be beauty where there’s no growth

Allows the light to reflect and show

What is, not what will be

And calls it all beauty

So thankful for the grace, the snow

that helps me see, helps me know

That I can just  be still and know

This grace that covers me

That I can just be still, like snow

Grace comes in and helps me see

What is, not what will be

And covers, covers me.


“Ring the bells

that still can ring

Forget your perfect


There is a crack

in everything

that’s how

the light 

gets in.”

~Leonard Cohen

Shattered Faith 2
So, a few minutes ago I was rushing again….rushing again to knock some things off my ever-growing to-do list.  One of them was to clean out the car which had accumulated some tools and books and my favorite coffee cup. So, as I was grabbing eVERy item, I thought I had better make two trips, but then nixed that thinking that I could ‘handle’ it.

Well, I couldn’t ‘handle’ it, and the handle of what has recently become my oh-so-favorite coffee cup slipped from my full hands and shattered on the driveway.

Instantly, I saw the analogy….”shattered Faith”.  You see, this favorite mug had the word “Faith” written on it in beautiful script multiple times.  Throughout my days it had been a reminder to me of the fact that Faith is an integral part of my day, my thoughts, my life. And there it lay shattered.  Such an analogy for how difficult circumstances can lead us to drop it all and have our faith be shattered.

But I picked up the pieces and will not fall apart over a little thing like a mug.  But it made me pause and think of how easily it is to become so fragmented in our faith when our days are broken up with endless to-do lists and rushing through. So, I put down the to-do list and sat.  I sat and thought and got refocused.  My heartbeat slowed and the urgency of all the stuff to get done waned, and I thought of the verse that has carried me through so many times.

Psalm 37:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God. ” I so know by experience that I can be still in my heart in the midst of endless chores and tasks and busy-ness.   But, this past week, that peace hasn’t characterized me at all.  I’m a bit drained and tired, and am grieving the loss of some substantial ‘brokeness’ in my family.  In the midst of that, I’ve tried to push through to keep up with all of the stuff.

Well, that shattered mug that fell to the ground thankfully brought me back to earth. I’m so thankful for the gentle and sometimes not-so-gentle reminders that God gives us.  I pray for the eyes to see them and the heart to believe in the One who calls me to a Faith that is not in what I see or understand, but in Him who called me to walk in a relationship with Him.  He is good.  And maybe brokenness is sometimes needed in our lives to remind us that the Unseen is so much more real in our lives than the stuff we hold onto.

So, I was careless with holding on to the handle.  But I pray that I will hold unswervingly…without wavering to the One who holds on to me and is faithful.  This world is not all there is.  But our relationship with Him?   Our Faith? That’s eternally worth holding onto with a steady heart and both hands.

Hebrews 10:23 says, Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful”.  He is faithful.   Amen.  In the midst of all that we face in our lives, He remains faithful.



Broken shells 2

Once the homes for a myriad of creatures
broken shells line the sand
They have been pounded in the waves
crushed by the powers of time and water and movement
Only to find a temporary home on the shoreline of sand

The shoreline of sand that
has been created by the shells that have been there before them
which were also once the homes for a myriad of creatures
and are now the soft landing place for barefeet of passersby
because they were crushed, broken, and pounded all the more

A note on brokenness…sometimes in human form, we, like the shells, are smoothed and refined by brokenness. The very things that are the most intensely difficult things in our lives, can be the things which enable us to see with compassion and understand others on levels that we never would have been able to had we not endured the relentless ‘pounding’ of life’s circumstance. Would that we would allow any ‘brokenness’ in our lives to be a soft landing place for those vulnerable souls who walk into our lives…like soft sand under the feet as opposed to the jagged sharp edges of unpolished shells.

As in the beauty of God’s design for shells, nothing is wasted. The shells protect the creatures, then become the sand the creatures will walk on. The cycle continues and works. In our lives, the brokenness need never be wasted either. The recognition of brokenness allows for the longing for wholeness and the understanding of brokenness in others. Love that.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5
3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 5 For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.

Photo Credit: Austin Halbert


The Lesson of the Shamrocks continues for me. Awhile back, I blogged about these precious plants that my grandmother had given to me years ago. To make a long story short, I thought they had died, and was so very thankful to realize that they hadn’t died. When they emerged from the soil, they were healthier, fuller, and more beautiful than ever.

Well, that was then. A few weeks ago, we had a new saga with the Shamrocks. The story included a 14 year old boy with a dog on a leash. They were on the deck and the boy (who will remain nameless to protect the not so innocent) gets distracted and wants to go inside, attaches leash to table with pot of shamrocks on it. Dog tries to run to follow boy inside, and moves the table quickly which results in the ceramic pot of shamrocks flying through the air only to land with a loud crash on the cement deck. Voila, soil and shamrocks spilled out in a mix of broken pottery and bulbs.

The mom (me) comes out and sees the whole deal and recognizes the fact that often 14 year old boys do not totally engage the brain and gives him grace and a free pass on this one. But the shamrocks are all over the place. And even though it’s just a plant, it again brings up the sense of nostalgia and loss for the grandmother who had given me these shamrocks so many years ago.

I don’t cry over spilled milk or dropped pots. I’ve so learned by experience that gets you nowhere. So,I gathered up the bulbs, and proceeded to plant them in not one, but three pots. Now, only a few short weeks later, the bulbs are quickly blooming and filling the pots, and I’ll have more shamrocks to share, and more to enjoy. The pots that were mostly dirt with scattered shamrocks are now filling in with beautiful blooms of deep purple. Instead of being cramped into one pot, the beauty is being multiplied.

So here’s the thing. I was so enjoying the fullness of those shamrocks that they probably would’ve stayed in the same pot for years unless they had been disrupted. Sometimes the very things that we see as disruptions in our lives end up being the opportunities for growth. Sometimes we miss out because we like the status quo more than the unfinished product that takes time, patience, and process to come to fruition. We’d rather have the seemingly behaved child who is momentarily pacified than go through the painstaking process of training that brings up conflict for a moment, but peace for the long haul.Or we’d rather have a diet that takes the momentary disciplines away, but breeds only short term results.

I don’t like looking at a pot of straggly plants as much as I do a full pot of shamrocks. But good things take time. They just do. And often the “quick fix” is just a temporary short cut that breeds mediocre results. Sometimes the inconvenient ugliness of process leads to beauty that far exceeds the quick result. Just some more ramblings that I need to take to heart. Discipline and growth often walk hand in hand, and vision allows both to flourish. But the road to results is full of imperfect, unlocked potential that is not yet visible to the human eye. Vision that motivates and inspires is not the kind that is seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart, and formed in the crucible of will, determination and patience.

It’s the kind of vision that God must have with us. I’m so thankful He is willing to take time with this “unfinished, at times broken product”, and patiently draw me near and grow me up as His child. He sees us where we are, but encourages, refines, sculpts, and disciplines us to move to where and who we were created to be. We may feel like a broken pot, spilled all over the ground, but God sees the potential, the beauty in the midst. It is but ours to surrender to the process…and bloom.

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this…He who began a good work in you will be faithful to bring it to completion…”

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