flock of seagulls

Had a little reminder from these birds today…these totally displaced birds hanging out in a parking lot in Shelby, North Carolina.  They are so very far from where they could (in my opinion, where they should be) flying free at the coast. Crazy little birds. If I were them, I’d sure choose the coast of NC way over the parking lot in this tiny little town in Western NC.  But here they sit. (And then, again…here I sit as well!) Displaced. Together.Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Intricate’

This morning, I woke up with a start.  For some reason, the alarm hadn’t gone off.  The clock said 6:46 a.m. “Oh No!” I’m late for bus duty already!  Second day in and I was going to be late.  I jumped in for a quick shower and my mind was rushing.  Wait a minute, didn’t I test the students yesterday (a Friday ritual), and didn’t we have a baseball game?  And weren’t we scheduled to have a baseball game onRead more