flock of seagulls


Had a little reminder from these birds today…these totally displaced birds hanging out in a parking lot in Shelby, North Carolina.  They are so very far from where they could (in my opinion, where they should be) flying free at the coast. Crazy little birds. If I were them, I’d sure choose the coast of NC way over the parking lot in this tiny little town in Western NC.  But here they sit. (And then, again…here I sit as well!) Displaced. Together.  Seemingly content.

Sometimes…I feel a bit like those birds…born to fly in the wide open spaces of sea and sky, and settling for asphalt in the cold.  Settling isn’t always a good thing for sure. Of course, sometimes there are diversions in life when we just have to spin our wheels a bit and have diversions. Or sometimes the ‘flock’ we’re traveling with gets a little stuck, so we’ve gotta help get them unstuck…and that takes time and sitting in places where we don’t want to be, but need to be. But there’s a difference between passing through, and settling. Being stuck is so not a good thing.  We’re born to fly…to use our gifts, to impact, to enjoy, to love, live, laugh, to live the life that we were created to live and honor God in the midst of it all.

So if ya find yourself sitting (heaven forbid, settling) and being stuck where you should just be passing through, here’s a friendly reminder to you (and to me) to stay unstuck. Life is short.  Our days and moments matter .  Period.  They just do.  Just a few thoughts and reminders to myself to make our days count and use our gifts to ‘bloom where we’re planted’.  Oh, and if the soil makes it impossible to grow…it’s time to move on for sure.  Life is too short for settling for asphalt when we’re born to fly in wide open spaces of sea and sky.

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