Thankful Thursday

Thankful for…another snow day….and just another day, actually. Today I’ll just let the photos do the talking <3.       “Each day is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to Him.” – T.D. Jakes Blessings ~ H   Thankful ThursdayRead more

…for today…

I’ve been making bird feeders again.  “For today” feeders is what I like to call them.  And here’s why…  In the past year, the phrase “for today” has become one of my favorite, favorite phrases. I’ve always appreciated the saying of “One Day At a Time. This quickly became, “one moment at a time” when I was a young mom to more little ones than my arms could hold.  (Our third son was born when our oldest was 2…and by the time ourRead more

Silent Sunday

Sunday morning with coffee and a lens…G’morning inquisitive little guy. (Not) Birds of a feather… togetherSmorgasbordTaking a breather…Statuesque…maybe if I’m super still she won’t notice that I’m here…Enjoy … No need for napkins here.Read more

p.s. (…a little post script…)

Here’s a little post script to Morning View from the other day.  The bird feeder seems to be a hit as this pair of mourning doves squeezed into share the space on the plate and still manage to eat.  And there were other birds ‘waiting in the wings’ so to speak! 😉  Even a chipmunk found his way to the feeder but was way too shy for me to get a photo.  Read more

morning view

I got up a little extra early this morning, and ventured out to the deck with my cup of coffee and enjoyed the sights and sounds.  There are times when I’m a bit oblivious to all the beautiful details that surround, but this morning, I felt as though I was in a beautiful surround sound and sight symphony. The emerging pink on the mimosa tree was beautiful, and the intricacy of the detail never ceases to amaze me.These whimsical bloomsRead more

…a few thoughts on birds …

Well, it was kind of a long day. You probably know the kind.  The clock seemed to move in slow motion while  the tasks piled up quicker than I could get them done. I had to be in the car by 6:50 a.m. and still felt like I was running behind.  Then I remembered that I had a meeting that I hadn’t yet completed the paperwork for…at 8:00 a.m. of course.  Note to self:  Never plan meetings for Monday mornings.Read more