a few thoughts on beauty and resilience…

I got a great gift for Christmas. It was from my husband. And I tried hard not to seek out any hidden messages in the gift and to just be thankful. I guess the message wasn’t too hidden anyway.  Nope, not at all. Here it is 🙂 Yep. So I thanked him graciously (and meant  it. ) And I have used it and love it and am truly thankful for him getting something I probably wouldn’t have gotten myself. ButRead more

where ya land

So I love the saying, “Bloom where you’re planted.” But my thought today?  It is simply ‘Grow where ya land…’  And this rogue Sunflower mustering up one little petal as it takes root in the gutter and reaches toward the sun…well the visual sums it up pretty perfectly. And it made me smile and inspired me and even gave me a little courage. I could write volumes on my thoughts…but will spare you of the unabridged version today… Yeah, sometimes,Read more

…a few thoughts on ships…

“A ship in the harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships are for.” William G.T  Shedd I saw some ships today, and some smaller vessels on the water. They were coming in to the harbor just as the sun was going down. My son and I watched as the boats in the distance moved a little closer in to the dock. It was windy and cold, but beautiful on the patio as we ate.  Hot Clam chowder tasted reallyRead more

Thankful Thursdays ~ A New October

So, this one comes home and says, “I want to enter a poster contest. It’s about bullying.” And as soon as he says the “b” word, my mind races into all sorts of directions. It’s instantaneous and automatic. But I mask the stuff going on inside of me and say that I think it’s a great idea.  I’m proud of his initiative and thankful for opportunities for my youngest to put himself out there. But the “b” word?  The conceptRead more

It’s His Turn

I couldn’t help but smile as I sat on the couch and listened as my 17 year old son walked back and forth in the living room talking on the phone to his older brother. The cleats and baseball pants he had worn on the baseball field an hour earlier had given way to dress shoes clicking on the hardwood floors of our living room. He was trying on his tuxedo for his first prom, and looked just as muchRead more