morning view

I got up a little extra early this morning, and ventured out to the deck with my cup of coffee and enjoyed the sights and sounds.  There are times when I’m a bit oblivious to all the beautiful details that surround, but this morning, I felt as though I was in a beautiful surround sound and sight symphony. The emerging pink on the mimosa tree was beautiful, and the intricacy of the detail never ceases to amaze me.These whimsical bloomsRead more

…a few thoughts on birds …

Well, it was kind of a long day. You probably know the kind.  The clock seemed to move in slow motion while  the tasks piled up quicker than I could get them done. I had to be in the car by 6:50 a.m. and still felt like I was running behind.  Then I remembered that I had a meeting that I hadn’t yet completed the paperwork for…at 8:00 a.m. of course.  Note to self:  Never plan meetings for Monday mornings.Read more


So, there’s this little purplish-blue flower that can be seen on wooded paths amidst the moss and leaves on the ground. It can be found in fields, or in the grass.  Forget-me-nots can crop up in a wide variety of settings. The other day, I was in the mountains  on a little woodland trail.  There were beautiful blooms on rhododendrons that immediately drew my eye to their beauty.  There were stately trees that had been there for a hundred years, and little yellow buttercups,Read more

…a few thoughts on mountains and molehills…

“Pray with your eyes on God, not on the difficulties.” ~Oswald Chambers Yep.  This is a reminder to myself. I hate to be a broken record, but here goes… we have lots of transitions going on in our home with one son going to college on the coast, one daughter moving to the mountains, and one son moving to Sweden…all within a 2 week window (which occurs simultaneously with me going back to teaching after a nice long summer.  InRead more

Filling in the Gaps

\ Here’s a thought:  in the same way that moss will often fill in the gaps between trees and rocks, God so often fills in the gaps, the voids, in our lives.  I think it’s all a matter of not letting other “fillers” in.  Like for instance, when there’s an ache, a loneliness, a need that we try to fill in a way that is not in God’s timing, it seems as though the void or the chasm grows.  ButRead more

Between the Lines

Between the Lines of what I say I hope you sense Jesus Between the words and writings may He be the One who frees us Between the stories, poems, and songs Between the hopes and dreams and wrongs Between the blog posts, short and long I pray that you see Jesus Between the words that may or may not be filled with certain terms or religiosity The language of overt Christianity May you sense and see Jesus Between the heart,Read more

How Big and How Small

I love how big God is.I love how small. The One who created the vast mountain ranges and color palette of the world also created the intricately detailed Queen Anne’s Lace flower.  Both are visuals of His Majesty for sure. Both tell us something about how He is so Big…so beyond our comprehension, and so small…so involved in the very details, the minutiae of life. He hears the cries of nations, He hears the prayer of a child.  He isRead more

…a few thoughts on abiding…

Abide. When? Now. Not tomorrow.  Not in a week. NOW. Abide is in the present tense. Abode is where we live. Abide is how we live. I am thinking that I want my abode to be abiding …in Him, wherever that is, wherever it takes me, whatever the cost. And right NOW? Right now, the cost is obediently choosing to be faithful in the little things, praying through the big, and trusting, clinging to, the One who gives the powerRead more

Standing Out…

Delicate?   Check. Vulnerable?  Check. Temporary?  Check. Eye-catching? Check. Responsive to Light?  Check. Standing out?  Check. Rooted?  Check. Intricately designed?  Check. Perennial…bounces back?  Check. Beautifully Blooming. Check. Thought for the day:  Bloom where you’re planted …. “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”c Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word ofRead more