Ugh. It’s the back to school January blues for this chick. I’ve been trying to focus my mind and have been failing miserably.  I tried thinking of all the thinks*  I’m thankful for,  prayed,  ( (things*, but I think it’s an appropriate typo, lol!)  I prepared lessons, and it all came up a bit short. It came up short that is… until I started to sing…and lift up my voice. So this song was sung/written on the way to DollarRead more

‘because it has a song’…

She’s there in the morning…. ….and late afternoon…. …and evening… Most mornings I’m awake before I first hear her sing. But usually by the time I’m gathering my things to go out the door, I hear this little bird singing loudly at the top of her sweet lungs. Makes me smile, and reminds me there’s lots to sing about. …and lately, she’s even been doing the same thing at night…sitting on a perch and singing her little heart out forRead more

How Big and How Small

I love how big God is.I love how small. The One who created the vast mountain ranges and color palette of the world also created the intricately detailed Queen Anne’s Lace flower.  Both are visuals of His Majesty for sure. Both tell us something about how He is so Big…so beyond our comprehension, and so small…so involved in the very details, the minutiae of life. He hears the cries of nations, He hears the prayer of a child.  He isRead more


“Where there is no wonder, there is no worship.” “To Him who made the great lights, For His lovingkindness is everlasting:   The sun to rule by day, For His lovingkindness is everlasting,…” Psalm 136:7Read more


The vastness of the ocean A tiny grain of sand Amazing are the wonders  Come from the Master’s Hand The raging power of the tide The misted wind that blows The sun that warms and heats and lights The Way God moves and shows His wonders of Creation All things great and small My heart can’t help but praise Him for the wonder of it ALL. The Wonder of it ALL.Read more

Daily Prompt Challenge -“Music”

singing is a survival skill of sorts for this one loved to sing and write from the time I was a little girl when I was a teenager, my dad gave me this gift of a guitar… played the same 4 or 5 chords ALWAYs….Still… (and the friends I sing with can attest to that fact) And it’s still a little piece of heaven on earth for me to have these three things: a guitar, notebook, and pencil … andRead more