I don’t think that our driver was a rule follower. It was my husband’s first time in New York City. Actually, it was his second, but the first time had occurred almost 20 years ago when he was flown in to detain a drug dealer in Spanish Harlem. He swooped in and swooped out in the dark of night, and to me, that doesn’t count as a ‘visit’ to this amazing city. We arrived at the airport and all wasRead more

Travel Theme ~ Simplicity

Newspapers and Benches Newspapers and Benches connect us. They are simple, but they both provide opportunity for us to connect with those around us. Whether it is someone sitting right next to us on a city bench, or an article which connects us to the people and events that are occurring on the other side of the globe, they help us enter in to someone else’s world. We all want to be connected in one way or another, that’s forRead more

Travel Theme – Simplicity

Love that when you’re traveling, the moon, in its simple form, is familiar. No matter where you are in the world, the moon shows up. We can all look at the sky and see the beautiful simplicity of the fact that all of us, in some respects, share the same view. Maybe not the same ‘world view’, but the same ‘moon-view’! And I bet, in some ways, that moon has similar effects on all of us, that when we goRead more