Silent Sunday

So I took a long walk by the river today and wanted to share some of the sights seen. It was beautiful. I mean, it always is, but the newness and fresh colors just seemed to pop today. I snapped  hundreds of shots, but limited myself to sharing 10. (So here are 19, lol 🙂 )  A picture is the next best thing to being there right?!  Hope you enjoy the ‘walk’…   “Prayer should not be regarded as aRead more

think time

So, I’ve been trying to ‘de-clutter’ the house in my spare time.  I could expound on that statement for days regarding the clutter, the trying, or the spare time.  But I’ll spare you all that conversation. What I do want to share is one of my little findings.  It was a letter written by one of my sons and it made me laugh and think and cry and all of that wrapped up into one.  But more than anything else,Read more