It’s happened quite a few times in the past few weeks. After dinner and a day of teaching, I’ll get in the car to run a few errands, and find that the car isn’t going from point A to point B in an efficient way. Nope,not at all. It seems to take the long way and end up gravitating to one of a few places with wide open spaces where I can see the sun going down..kind of melting intoRead more

Thankful Thursday

Just got back in from seeing the sunset as my son (pre-drivers licensed son) drove us around town to run a few errands.  I sat in the passenger seat trying to encourage him to leave at least an inch or two for mailboxes, and practiced my breathing.  He’s my last of 6 children to teach how to drive, and well, let’s just say we need quite a few more hours of practice driving under his belt before he goes forRead more

My View of His View

The view of the sunset tonight was breathtaking. Funny thing is, even more moving for me, was watching my son take it all in. I’m thankful for these moments in time, and that in the midst of his busy life, he lifts up his eyes and sees the beauty all around him. Love that! “Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him! Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refugeRead more