Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Symbol’

A baseball. It is just a ball a little over 3 inches in diameter that weighs a little over 5 ounces.  The boys of summer swoop low to grab it, hurl it with all their might at velocities that can near 100 miles per hour, and swing for the fences while keeping their eye on this little ball with hopes of blasting it out of the park.  Yep, this little ball is a symbol of a lot of things forRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Community

One head soccer coach (who had played football, by the way…never touched a soccer ball) who read books about soccer to be a better coach and had the heart to use kids’ natural strengths and abilities to teach them to know their position and play it wholeheartedly One assistant coach who played soccer through college and beyond and was a lifelong friend of the coach who had the heart to encourage kids to do their best 14 teachable, coachable, fun-lovingRead more

Weekly photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

The sun set on this baseball stadium in the final innings of the Legion Series playoffs. The team lost, and just like the end of a day, it was over for them…for this year! But just as the sun comes up and we have another go at another new day, they will have another go at it next year!Read more

Daily Prompt ~ Sports

I’ve seen him get knocked down a thousand times, but he always got back up. Bruises, banged up bones, muscle soreness, and even concussions would not deter his determination to get the ball into the end zone. It was always about so much more than a game. It was about tenacity. It was about teamwork. It was about using unique gifts and abilities of each player to reach a common goal. The surface goal was to win the game. TheRead more