Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Community

greenwave 3

One head soccer coach (who had played football, by the way…never touched a soccer ball) who read books about soccer to be a better coach and had the heart to use kids’ natural strengths and abilities to teach them to know their position and play it wholeheartedly

One assistant coach who played soccer through college and beyond and was a lifelong friend of the coach who had the heart to encourage kids to do their best

14 teachable, coachable, fun-loving elementary age kids of all shapes and sizes, but all with the heart to play their position and desire to win

Parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends all cheering for their little player, and for the Green Wave Soccer Team

One community rallying for a mix of kids who played hard and worked hard and saw great things come as a result…

Community is all about one becoming all and all becoming one

Love the inspiration that comes from watching kids have a common goal and learn about sacrifice and giving and going for it for the good of the team. Championships, moments of seeing hard work pay off make for times that strengthen and inspire communities to see the parts as a whole, the individuals as a team, the team as representing the community.

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