Daily Prompt ~ Sports

Zac's Determination

I’ve seen him get knocked down a thousand times, but he always got back up. Bruises, banged up bones, muscle soreness, and even concussions would not deter his determination to get the ball into the end zone. It was always about so much more than a game. It was about tenacity. It was about teamwork. It was about using unique gifts and abilities of each player to reach a common goal. The surface goal was to win the game. The underlying pursuits were so much more than that, for when kids play their hearts out, they learn about tenacity, and determination, and sheer will. Playing with passion can be a gateway to working with passion. That zest for life that is so apparent on the football field or basketball court, can be carried over into daily living when we use our gifts and are aware of the goal and work with those around us like a team. Zac’s determination didn’t win him a spot in the NFL. It did inspire those around him to be determined, and tenacious, and passionate! Yeah, I was a pretty big fan of this kid in the photo and am thankful for all of the memories and moments that were lived out on the football field…and the impact they had on those of us on the sidelines and in the stands.

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