a few thoughts on remembering…

    I’m so glad we¬† have a day to remember …not just the fallen soldiers…but the ones who remember them everyday, all year long, for a lifetime… This past April, I was driving home from the beach and had to stop when I saw this little cemetery. There were flags everywhere…. …and it was pretty cool that “Smith” was the most common name on the tombstones. Lots of “John Smiths” who have given their lives for our country. AmRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Community

One head soccer coach (who had played football, by the way…never touched a soccer ball) who read books about soccer to be a better coach and had the heart to use kids’ natural strengths and abilities to teach them to know their position and play it wholeheartedly One assistant coach who played soccer through college and beyond and was a lifelong friend of the coach who had the heart to encourage kids to do their best 14 teachable, coachable, fun-lovingRead more