Daily Prompt Challenge – “Awestruck”

The first grade student comes into my room. “Can you read this to me?” he asks. My heart just melted as I saw this little guy’s attempt to write a book. He looks up at me with these big eyes. Oh boy. It’s not quite decipherable…after all, this boy struggles with reading and here is his attempt to write a book…in cursive. Yikes. I made a big deal of his attempt and took a picture and asked him to shareRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Stillness

She is usually talking, laughing, or directing her brothers. But for now, she is still, quiet, at peace…taking it all in. The wind, waves,and beauty of the ocean can have that effect on even this lively and dramatic girl. Beautiful how the ocean makes you want to take it all in…winds and waves activate the senses, and calm the world within at the same time. Love that. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/daily-prompt-stillness/Read more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Never

Never a dull moment…Not with these two around! They are my “middle” children. Middle Children seem to have a bit of a reputation. “Bold”, “energetic”, “life-of the party”, are some of the words that you hear when describing middle children. So are “challenging”, “stubborn”, and “strong-willed”. My two middle-children have all of these traits, and then some. Creative and entertaining are two of the adjectives I think most apply to my son and daughter who are sandwiched between two youngerRead more