Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Never


Never a dull moment…Not with these two around! They are my “middle” children. Middle Children seem to have a bit of a reputation. “Bold”, “energetic”, “life-of the party”, are some of the words that you hear when describing middle children. So are “challenging”, “stubborn”, and “strong-willed”. My two middle-children have all of these traits, and then some. Creative and entertaining are two of the adjectives I think most apply to my son and daughter who are sandwiched between two younger sons and two older sons.

When they were growing up, they were 4 and 3 year olds holding microphones and speaking with English accents that were more accomplished than what I could have mastered, that’s for sure! There were productions and interviews, dancing, and stories told and retold. There were over reactions and reenactments, and there was LIFE and very few dull moments! All of my children definitely have wills of their own and I have learned from all of them and could not love them more. But I must say, these two have lived up to the reputation that middle children seem to have.

While some of my children would shy away from the camera, not these two. I so wish I had taken the many photo opps that my son gave me. Whenever I had the camera out, his eye would immediately show up in the lens and his face would be an inch from the camera! Nope, not camera shy a bit. They were also the ones who won the pizza scream at the local baseball game not once, but twice! (I was very thankfully only at one of these events as their exuberance sometimes really stretched their mother.) They were the ones who always had a story and who would laugh loudly at jokes and have a funny or inquisitive story to tell others. As they’ve moved into (semi-) adulthood, thankfully, so much of this life and joy and enthusiasm for the next thing is still so alive and well. Hope it always is!

Nope, thankfully, there’s never a dull moment!

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