Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Yellow

Yellow trees


Yellow amidst the green and gray at the Broad River Greenway.



Sunflowers in the middle of a busy parking lot in Black Mountain, North Carolina.



A weed or a flower?  Depends on where it is, and of course, the eye of the beholder.  Tenacious little dandelion.

Oh, and a note on the color yellow…

As a  young girl, my absolute favorite color was yellow.  I had yellow pajamas, yellow walls (which my parents were wise enough to paint a pale yellow as opposed to the very loud, bright yellow I would have chosen!) , yellow toothbrushes, and yellow wrapping paper on presents.  My sister’s favorite color was pink.  Ditto the above but substitute the word “pink” for her belongings.  Sweet.  For awhile anyway.  I think my last chosen yellow item was a yellow bean bag that I got for my 13th birthday.  But too much of a good thing, well, can make one stop appreciating even the good things!  So for years, I was quite anti-yellow.  You will not find ONE yellow item in my wardrobe.  But I so appreciate the yellow in nature…the sunshine that glows, the warmth and cheer it brings.  Love it.  Hope you feel it in the photos.  I did as I photographed them.  So, there are some yellow things I still appreciate.  Who knows, maybe yellow will find it’s way into my wardrobe again, …one day.  Maybe 🙂


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