So, mourning doves are not known for their bravery. The doves that regularly visit the feeder on the back deck are no different. They are skittish and usually FLY AWAY FAST when there’s an unexpected sound. They coo as they¬† fly and usually take a bit of time before they come back. But this mourning dove was different. It stayed as I made pretty loud sounds in the kitchen washing dishes, putting things away, etc. When I did make aRead more

Wordless Wednesday

          Winds are blowing outside. Thankful for the kettle steaming inside. And a good devotional book, a warm blanket, and light shining through the window. I felt like the dove just kind of hunkering down…but sure am thankful for being on this side of the window. Thankful for little things that are so big on this (not-so) Wordless Wednesday. Wordless WednesdayRead more