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Asheville, North Carolina July 7, 2017

Waves of Blue on Mountains High

Rolling in  as I stroll by

I Lift my heart,  I Lift my eyes

As waves of blue draw me nigh

And what comes as I lift my eyes

Waves of Grace I can’t deny

silent sunday.JPG


mountain mist

Brilliant Fall Colors

shining through the mountain mist

soon to disappear

Crowder's Mountain<a


Take one 15 passenger van (aka “bus”!). Fill it with 6 young children ages 9 and under: five boys, and one girl.(Five are visible, and the 9 month old is strapped in a car seat joining into the excitement in his own way.) Dress them in their warmest mittens, coats and toboggans, and then tell them that you’re going to the mountains to not only pick a Christmas tree, but hopefully to see some SNOW!

That’s one surefire recipe for excitement!

P.S. We came back with the most beautiful scraggly “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree you’ve ever seen picked by one of the kids. It was his year to pick the tree. I think out of all of the beautiful trees, the one from this year was my favorite…

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