Remembering you…

So, Mother’s Day is a sweet one. Memories kind of fill the air on this day as we stop and remember our moms, and being a mom, and the mom-figures in our lives. And it’s a day to celebrate the incredible gift that it is to be a mom and to have a mom. But…this especially aware of so many who have an ache right around now. That ache is a  pit-in-the-stomach, ache-in-the-heart, kick-in-the-gut kind of feeling that comesRead more


Enough.  ENOUGH.  That’s a  word we as moms often say to our children when they (or we!) have reached a limit.  “That’s enough ice cream.”  “That’s enough TV.”  Or, the dreaded “THAT’S ENOUGH!!” when the behaviors have hit a point that mom will no longer tolerate.  We moms say, “That’s enough” quite a number of times through our children’s years. It’s a phrase that is passed down from mom generation to mom generation. We intrinsically know that we need to sayRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Fresh”

Fresh Flowers on Mother’s Day Fresh memories of this Mother’s Day which was more than a decade ago Fresh little faces…with their whole lives ahead of them (And one fresh little boy on my lap who had just been in time out for probably being too “fresh”) Fresh tears on my cheeks as I realize how quickly the time flies Fresh resolve to cherish the moments with those who are with me right here, right now.Read more