Mono chromatic Pebbles Weekly Photo Challenge

Pebbles.  A millions little pieces that can become the ground we walk on.  As a child, I knew the feeling of walking barefoot on little pebbles, for we had pebbles that filled the spaces around the back of our home.  We played in pebbles by making mounds, we smoothed the pebbles with rakes, we threw and scattered the pebbles with buckets and dump trucks and were strongly reminded to make sure the pebbles get back to the area within theRead more

Thankful Thursday

Am thankful today for the many many memories and images that one single photo can bring up.  For little girls who conquered fears of amphibians and who aren’t afraid to hold frogs and toads and wrestle with their brothers.  For brothers who would never dare to wrestle all out with their feisty little sister. For gardenia blooms and the scent that lingered through the window and greeted us as we arrived home.  For the many years spent in this homeRead more

The Changing Seasons Photo Challenge ~ May 2015

I love this photo prompt…changing seasons, posting photos from the previous month.  Last May was a busy month for us.  It included lots of high school baseball games in my son’s last season, my son’s graduation from college,  a trip to New Smyrna Beach, Florida with my newly-graduated son to see my parents, and my son’s last high school prom.  Talk about changing seasons!  These photos represent some endings that will only lead to new beginnings.  Thankful for that.  Read more

Sunday Stills Challenge ~ Favorite thing to photograph

What is my favorite thing to photograph? Moments in Time. I love to capture these moments with a lens so that they can be relived over and over and over again. See the look on Chase’s face? I want to remember him as that ornery 3 year old! That year for this little guy, was the year of “time out”…and I can look at the expression on his face and a wave of memories comes back for sure! We’ve laughedRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Fresh”

Fresh Flowers on Mother’s Day Fresh memories of this Mother’s Day which was more than a decade ago Fresh little faces…with their whole lives ahead of them (And one fresh little boy on my lap who had just been in time out for probably being too “fresh”) Fresh tears on my cheeks as I realize how quickly the time flies Fresh resolve to cherish the moments with those who are with me right here, right now.Read more