a few thoughts on hydration…

So, these orange clementines came home from the store with me last week. But our family has been so in and out of the house that the little treats that usually disappear from the fruit bowl pretty quickly were still there after a few days. But even in just those few days, they looked like they had shrunk significantly. It kind of surprised me. But then again, it’s been hot as all get out, and it’s pretty easy for folksRead more

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for rain. I’m thankful for rain that fills birdbaths, waters flowers, and greens the grass. I’m thankful for rain that washes the deck, rinses my not-as-white-as-it-should-be-car,  and washes away so much of the dirt that we don’t even realize was there until we see how it looks after the rain. Rain rejuvenates, refreshes, and revives. I’m thankful for the birdbath that, after the rain, reminded me of the some beautiful truths.  When a bird bath sits forRead more