IN everything, give thanks.     I n  E V E R Y T H I N G  give thanks.       I n   e v e r y t h i n g , G I V E thanks.      I n  e v e r y t h i n g ,   g i v e   T H A N K S .   Everything?  EVERY?  ALL?  Yes, all. Crazy thought. But the Bible says thatRead more

a few thoughts on joy…

Sometimes joy pops up like a perfect photo bomb.  It comes from out of nowhere, makes you jump with surprise, and laugh and smile from the inside out. Thankful for the little ones of this world who are catalysts and conductors of joy who help brighten a day, lighten a load, and keep things in perspective. Little do these little ones know the big impact they have, that’s for sure! Blessings and JOY to You and Yours Today ~ HeatherRead more

The Saga of the Wreath continues…

So, a few years back,  I made a wreath…a Christmas wreath. It was simple-only consisted of the greens, a few pine cones, a purple sheer ribbon, and …lights.  It was simple, but for some reason, it brought me lots of profound joy. Yep. Just did. It just reminded me of the good things of the season, the simple good things and it was there to welcome friends and family home.  Here’s the blog link for that…Reading it will add toRead more

…a few thoughts on joy…

Love the words of Ann Voskamp, and the reminders to live intentionally each day.  ‘Grateful joy’…love that she has the word ‘grateful’ before ‘joy’  because am thinking that joy often follows being grateful, thankful, aware of the gifts in our lives and around us.  Am thinking ThanksGiving leads to  ThanksLiving, and ThanksLiving leads to Joy. And here’s the thing. Like Ann said, “Any amount of grateful joy changes the present.”  It just does.Love that amazing truth.  May you and yoursRead more

A few thoughts on goals and pursuits…

  “My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.”  ~ Oswald Chambers. Over twenty five years ago, a dear friend gave me my first copy of “My Utmost for His Highest” devotional.  Since then, I’ve been through three copies and given away countless other copies.  I often need to read it two or more times to ‘get it’….to really understand the depth of what he’s sharing.  I was reading this a.m. andRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Age

This is Ava.  A sweet, sweet puppy…who is no longer little.  This was taken 6 months ago, and this “puppy” is now about 50 pounds.   The funny thing is, she thinks she’s still a little puppy and will jump up into people’s laps and act as though it’s a very normal thing to totally overtake one’s space.  She wags her tail with so much enthusiasm and prances into anyone’s presence with exuberance and joy.  It’s almost impossible not toRead more

Paint it Red

So here’s the thing… Caboose in the country. Painted bright red. Standing straight and tall with green garland and red ribbons on the front and a Christmas wreath on the back. Bright red shiny metal against a bright blue country sky. Red paint that changed the ordinary black train car into an object of art. Beauty. Red that shines and brightens and makes you look. Red that makes you smile. A caboose in the country wouldn’t be the same ifRead more