Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Age


This is Ava.  A sweet, sweet puppy…who is no longer little.  This was taken 6 months ago, and this “puppy” is now about 50 pounds.   The funny thing is, she thinks she’s still a little puppy and will jump up into people’s laps and act as though it’s a very normal thing to totally overtake one’s space.  She wags her tail with so much enthusiasm and prances into anyone’s presence with exuberance and joy.  It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see her coming, but beware, because she’s a puppy in mindset but so not in body and presence.  She’s huge and strong, but doesn’t seem to know that yet and she can knock someone over in a heartbeat.

So why am I mentioning Ava in this prompt, one that has to do with “Age”?  Well, I guess because it seems to me that age is so relative, such a mindset.  Having Ava around is like having a little toddler…everything is new and exciting and when she comes into a room, everyone stops and takes notice and laughs and the whole mood is lighter.  (She can make a wild mess like a toddler as well!) Her personality is sweet and fun, and she brings joy to those around her.  I kind of hope she never “acts her age”, because it helps us to not act ours!  She helps us to just enjoy and laugh like children.  But I do hope that she one day realizes that a 50 pound dog can not comfortably fit on a person’s lap…or be held in their arms like a little puppy.  And I hope that no matter what our age, that we can enjoy life as seen through the eyes of a child…or….a puppy!


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